What are Mechanical Watches?

What are Mechanical Watches?

What are mechanical watches?

How are they different from automatic watches?

Automatic and hand-wound are the two types of watch movements in mechanical watches. These timepieces contain over 50 precision engineered microscopic parts that work in sync, showcasing intricate artistry. Mechanical watches function without the need for a battery

Hand-Wound movement is completely mechanical and is powered by winding the crown clockwise on a daily basis.
Automatic watches wind automatically by harnessing the energy produced by the wearer’s movements. This means the wearer does not need to wind the watch every day.

Why are mechanical watches more expensive than normal quartz watches?
A mechanical watch is a precision engineered timepiece with over 50 microscopic parts operating in harmony. These watches are intricate masterpieces and a necessity in your collection of timepieces

Do I need to wind my mechanical watch?
In case of an automatic watch, no winding is required.

In case of mechanical hand wound watches, winding is required once a day. Additionally, it is important to not wind past the point of resistance as you may damage the main spring

What powers my mechanical watch?
Mechanical watches are powered by mechanical energy being released from a wound mainspring.

Will my automatic watch stop working if I don't wear it?

If not worn, the automatic watch can keep ticking for up to 35 hours if fully wound. Post this duration, it may stop. To start it, simply wear it again and adjust the time. However, it is advisable to manually wind the watch to quickly build the power reserve.

Will the watch show accurate time?
You may gain or lose a few minutes per month and may need to adjust time periodically.

How long can my automatic watch run if I don't wear it?
The power reserve of the automatic watch can be upto 35 hours, if the watch is fully wound.

What should I do if my automatic watch stops working?
To start the watch, simply reset the time and wear it again. It is also advisable to manually wind the watch to build the power reserve quickly.

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