5 Reasons to Buy a Citizen Watch

5 Reasons to Buy a Citizen Watch

Citizen, a renowned brand in watchmaking since its 1930s inception in Japan, is recognized for its high-tech timepieces. A pioneer in innovative technologies, Citizen stands out among the top watchmakers of this era. Discover 5 compelling reasons to invest in a Citizen watch.

Citizen watches are reliable and precise.

Citizen watches utilize atomic timekeeping, ensuring utmost reliability. By receiving a signal from an atomic clock via radio waves, these timepieces display precise time, day, and date. With a margin of error of just one second in 100,000 years, Citizen's watches offer unparalleled accuracy for those prioritizing punctuality.

Citizen watches are made with durable materials.

Citizen watches are crafted from premium materials, designed for long-lasting performance. Apart from durability, Citizen also prioritizes comfort, with many watches constructed from lightweight titanium, 5 times lighter than stainless steel. Citizen uses hardening technology on the metal in their super-titanium watches to increase scratch-resistance. Titanium is hypoallergenic and highly resistant to corrosion, making the timepieces lightweight, gentle on the skin, and comfortable for all occasions.

Eco-Drive ensures exceptionally long-lasting battery life.

Eco-Drive is a key feature of Citizen watches, converting artificial and sunlight into energy to power the timepiece. It also extends the battery life with up to a 6-month power reserve.Introduces in 1975, Eco-Drive was the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch able to use any light source for energy.

Citizen watches are versatile in design.

The brand offers a wide selection of watches for different tastes and fashion styles. From high-tech diving watches to classic everyday pieces, Citizen has a diverse range. Whether you prefer simplicity, luxury, or functionality in a watch, Citizen has a timepiece to suit you.

Citizen offers prices affordable to everyone.

One of the most appealing features of Citizen is its affordability. The brand offers watches of varying price points in all of its collections, whether that be its diving watches or its classic dress models. This frees you up to pick whichever style or timepiece you like, not limiting you in your choices and allowing you to experiment with your style.

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